KORE 2 v2.1.1 for Windows 10


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KORE 2 is a tool that will transform your computer into a Super Instrument! - Find, play, connect and create a sound with incredible speed, ease and quality! Integrated engine audio/500 presets / Sound Morphing KORE 2 is a hardware / software system offering sound, a unique work environment and an integrated controller. News in KORE 2: Integrated audio engine KORE 2 includes the audio engines from REAKTOR 5, MASSIVE, ABSYNTH 4, FM8, CONTACT 2 and GUITAR RIG 2, providing access to the amazing sounds (see below). 500 KoreSounds 500 unique, sounds KoreSounds? has been developed for KORE 2 with built-in generators, effects and advanced MIDI tools (arpeggiator, step sequencer and MIDI player player). By combining high-end generators with the unique potential of KORE 2 offers incredible sound level of detail and depth. Sound Variations and Sound Morphing Each KoreSound ® may contain up to 8 variation? 8 articulation. 500 Voices have been programmed with copious amounts of variation. The real innovation is the possibility of morphing between variations. For example KoreSound ® may start as a heavy bass with MASSIVE, turn into a crystalline FM8, distorted by the effects of GUITAR RIG 2 and finally washed out by the plug-in delay and reverb. There is no practical limit to the morphing. KoreSound ® Virtually every parameter can be set as a variation .. Internal mixer settings, volume / pan / shipping information MIDI audio parameters and effects plug-ins and settings can be saved with a variation, making them available for morphing. The new interface New, redesigned, radically simplified user interface has been designed to be optimized working environment. Develop faster, work smarter New Sound Matrix lets you combine KoreSounds, plug-ins, effects, MIDI files, track Step-sequencer, arpeggiators or even the entire performance, and any combination thereof. Do you want to melt ABSYNTH pad with an FM8 lead sound and pattern delay? Connect arpeggiator with REAKTOR sound? A drum kit can triggerować of CONTACT with the player MIDI? KORE 2 contains all the elements in the same way using a single interface. Create, manipulate and work with sounds and plug-ins becomes direct and intuitive than ever before. Combinations KoreSounds, plugins, FX, MIDI modules, etc.. by "drag and drop" in the Sound Matrix Easy complexity The entire architecture has been condensed in such a way that any number of structures of the mixer, including routing audio and MIDI can be nested inside the other. The highest level in the KORE is always the easiest, most intuitive - even highly complex KoreSounds is extremely easy to use. By double-clicking, you have access to the deepest levels. Seamless operation in plug-in or stand-alone Organize your KORE for live performance, use performance presets to switch between sounds, settings, canals, effect parameters, etc. KORE 2 offers the same power in both modes! Flexible MIDI routing MIDI control data from the player MIDI arpeggiator, step sequencer or other MIDI connector can be routed in the same way as audio, to any number of sounds. Flexible routing Aux Creativity without limits - in KORE 2 is the unlimited number of outputs. You can send out individual plug-ins to individual channels or other channels. Aux channels are dynamically created and displayed when needed. Integrated help New aid is integrated into the interface. When you move the mouse over the item will explain its function. WARNING! When you select download, you will be directed to the manufacturer where we need to register to get access to a 14-day trial version.